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Chances Are . . .: A novel Audiobook

Chances Are . . .: A novel Audiobook



Through the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Empire Falls comes a fresh revelation: a riveting story about the abiding yet complex power of friendship.

One beautiful September day, three guys convene on Martha’s Vineyard, friends ever since meeting in university circa the sixties. They couldn’t have already been more different after that, as well as today–Lincoln’s a commercial real estate broker, Teddy a tiny-press publisher, and Mickey a musician beyond his rockin’ age. But each guy holds his personal secrets, in about IT’S LIKELY THAT .: A novel addition to the monumental secret that none of them has ever stopped puzzling over since a Memorial Day weekend right here over the Vineyard in 1971: the disappearance of the girl each of them loved–Jacy Calloway. Today, more than forty years later, as this fresh weekend unfolds, three lives are shown within their entirety as the faraway past confounds the present such as a relentless squall of surprise and finding. Shot through with Russo’s brand comedy and humanity, IT’S LIKELY THAT . . . also introduces a new level of suspense and menace which will quicken the reader’s heartbeat throughout this absorbing saga of how friendship’s bonds are every bit mainly because constricting and rewarding simply because those of family or any other community.

For both longtime followers and lucky beginners, Chances Are . . . is a stunning demonstration of an extremely acclaimed author deepening and expanding his remarkable achievement.

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