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Criss Cross: (Alex Cross 27) Audiobook

Criss Cross: (Alex Cross 27) Audiobook



Brought to you by Penguin.

‘Sensationally plotted, it leaps from the page and grabs you from the neck’ DAILY Email

‘Zero one gets this big without amazing organic storytelling skill – which is what Jim offers, in spades. The Alex Mix series demonstrates it.’ LEE CHILD, worldwide bestselling writer of the Jack Reacher series

From the author of Sunday Times No. 1 bestseller The President is Missing

Could a ghost from his past take everything from Alex Cross?

Mere hours following witnessing the approximately Criss Mix: (Alex Mix 27) execution of the killer he helped put behind bars, Alex Mix is called towards the scene of a copycat murder. An email signed ‘M’ rests within the corpse: ‘You messed up big style, Dr. Mix.’

Was an innocent man simply put to death? As the carried out convict’s family start a vicious advertising campaign against Combination, his abilities being a detective are known as into question.

The enigmatic ‘M’ lures Mix out of Washington, DC to the websites of multiple homicides, all marked with distressingly familiar information that conjure up decades-old cases and Combination family secrets.

Details which make it crystal clear M is after a award so dear that – were the killer to achieve it all – Cross’s lifestyle would be destroyed.

‘Alex Cross is a legend.’ HARLAN COBEN

Early readers say it’s one of the better Alex Cross books yet:

‘I have to say that this is one of my favorite Alex Cross books in a long time!’

‘I read this book in one sitting and highly recommend it. I’ve go through each and every Alex Cross reserve which one didn’t disappoint. It includes a great mix of fresh cases associated with old cases for Combination.’

‘Romped through the most recent Alex Cross book! Great read that I just couldn’t put down.’

‘An intriguing story involving the Combination family and foes from his past. A must read for Patterson supporters.’

‘As always with James Patterson, he had me in the first web page, and kept the speed up to the last.’

‘Roll on another instalment.’

‘I absolutely cherished this book and once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. It’s a fast-paced go through, no time to take a break or breathe out as the situations and mysteries are on a move and unstoppable.’

‘A great addition to the Mix series from the most known author in the world for secret thrillers’

‘Wayne Patterson is back again near the top of his game with this one.’

‘I’m a massive fan of the Alex Mix series so I jumped at the chance to review the latest installment, and I’m thus pleased it didn’t disappoint. It’s action-packed immediately and experienced me gripped right away. ‘

‘This book is overly busy with plenty of twists and turns. My initial James Patterson however, not my last, really enjoyed and so will you.’

‘I have always been a lover of the writer and his long term Alex Cross series and this book does not disappoint .’

‘I think that one takes its must go through for supporters of Patterson and Dr Combination.’

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