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Outfox Audiobook

Outfox Audiobook



From the #1 NYT bestselling author: After a thirty-year visit a serial killer, FBI agent Drex Easton becomes a suspect’s next-door neighbor — but can he navigate a shocking series of twists and turns to track down the truth?

FBI agent Drex Easton is relentlessly driven by an individual objective: to outmaneuver the conman once referred to as Weston Graham. Within the last thirty years, Weston offers assumed many names and countless disguises, enabling him to lure eight wealthy women out of their fortunes about Outfox before they vanished without a track, their families left without answers as well as the regulators without signs. The just common trait among the victims: a fresh man within their existence who also vanished, abandoning no proof his existence . aside from one signature custom made.

Drex is convinced that these women have been murdered, and that the person he knows as Weston Graham is the sociopath responsible. But each time Drex gets close to catching him, Weston trades one persona for another and disappears once again. Now, for the first time in their lengthy game of kitty and mouse, Drex has a suspect in sight.

Appealing and charming, Jasper Ford is recently wedded to an effective businesswoman a long time his junior, Talia Shafer. Drex insinuates himself to their lives, posing as a new neighbor and setting up surveillance on their house. The closer he gets to the couple, the greater convinced he becomes that Jasper is the smart, merciless predator he’s sought–and that his own attraction to Talia threatens to bargain his purpose and integrity.

That is Drex’s one chance to outfox his cunning nemesis before he murders again and eludes justice forever. But initial he must see whether the appealing Talia is usually a heartless accomplice . . . or another victim.

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